Working Safely Is No Accident

WINNER: Grand Prize

The University of Tennessee Construction Industry Research and Policy Center (CIRPC) along with the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering proudly submits our Working Safely Is No Accident website to The Worker Safety and Health Challenge.

Our goal is to raise awareness and educate workers, primarily those 13-24, on their rights to a safe workplace and common workplace hazards. The strength of our site is its useful information made conveniently accessible. There are 29 tips for avoiding common hazards and links to several OSHA and NIOSH web resources on youth work rules.

Our website features an interactive game that involves estimating the relative probabilities of some common and uncommon events (e.g. dating a supermodel vs. being struck by lightning). The game’s goal is to illustrate that probabilities can be influenced by many factors. Therefore, the chances of a workplace accident can be reduced by good practices such as knowing workplace safety regulations and following common safety practices.

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